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Forging A Dodecagram (12-Pointed Star)

A Dodecagram (12-pointed star) is a simple and useful star to forge. From it you can build the circle of 12, which is used in sundials, calendars, general timekeeping, navigation, music and much more. The reason for this is the unusually divisible nature of 12. 

Not only are these circles highly practical, they also have symbolic value, often representing repeating cycles. This can be seen in tales such as King Arthur and the Knights(12) of the Round table, the Zodiac (both Vedic and Western), the trials of Hercules, the 12 Olympian Gods and so on. It is used as a mythological structure in many cultures.  

We will be looking into all this in detail at a later date. 

STEP 1: You start with a hexagram as we made in an earlier article. 

STEP 2: You bisect the hexagram through the to vertical intersecting points as shown. 

STEP 3: You repeat this process for the two diagonals giving you the six points shown. 

STEP 4: In similar fashion to how we did it in the original hexagram, we connect alternating points around the circle. 

STEP 6: You repeat this process for the remaining three points. 

STEP 7: Combining the original hexagram with the second hexagram we just created will give you a dodecagram. This can now be used to create the circle of 12. 

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