Letters To Aletheia

Drawing a Hexagram (Three Circles Method)

There are many ways to draw a hexagram. It is a very useful shape for splitting a circle up into 12. This can be used for many things, such as sun dials, zodiacs and calendars, and most interestingly, visualising music theory. This is the quickest way to draw a hexagram. 

STEP 1: Start by drawing a straight line. It can be vertical or horizontal. 

STEP 2: Draw a circle, the size of which will define the size of your final hexagram. 

STEP 3: Draw a circle of the same radius from the point where the first circle crosses the centre line. Repeat this for the second circle, giving three circles. 

STEP 4: You now have these nodes on the centre circles. These are the points you will use to construct your hexagram. 

STEP 4: Connect the nodes as shown to complete the first three points of your hexagram. 

STEP 5: Repeat this process on the remaining three nodes. You have now completed your hexagram.  

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