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How to Draw A Taijitu Symbol With A Straightedge And Compass

The Taijitu (Yin-Yang) is a simple yet profound Taoist symbol. We will discuss this in later articles. In this article we will show you how to create one using only a straightedge and a compass. 

STEP 1: Draw a vertical line. 

STEP 2: Draw a circle with a centre on the vertical line. This circle will be one sixth the diameter of your completed Taijitu. 

STEP 3: Draw five more identical circles below. 

STEP 4: Using the midpoint of the three circles, draw a circle surrounding all six. 

STEP 4: Find the midpoint of the top three inner circles. Use a Vesica Piscis if needed (shown). 

STEP 5: Using this midpoint, draw a circle around the top three inner circles. 

STEP 6: Repeat this for the bottom three circles.  

STEP 7: We are ready to start removing our construction lines. Remove the top Vesica Piscis, the top and bottom inner circles from the top, and the right hand side of the enclosing circle. 

STEP 9: Repeat this process for the remaining three bottom inner circles. Remove the vertical line we started with. We now have the outline of the familiar Taijitu. 

STEP 10: Colour as required. 

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