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The Dance Of Venus And The First Rose Of Heaven

Since ancient times, Venus, the sacred feminine, the primordial Goddess, has been associated with the pentagram as a representation of divine harmony and proportion.

This wasn’t limited to terrestrial matters, symbols and architecture and so on, but extended into the heavens themselves.

Below is a idealised geocentric representation of how the planet Venus was seen to dance around the zodiac from the point of view of a spectator on earth. Over an 8 year period, it was seen that a five pointed shape appeared as seen below. In reality, given the ratio between the orbits of the planet are not exact, the rose of Venus rotates slowly through time. 

I have used the standard alchemical symbols to represent the Earth, the Sun and Venus.  Earth stands at the centre. Table attached below for clarity. It should also be noted that one does not have to understand that Venus is orbiting the Sun in order to observe this pattern in the night sky.

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Earth Sun Venus


The orbit of Venus and the orbit of Earth have a 13:8 relationship. Specifically, Venus has an sidereal orbit of 224.701 to Earth’s orbit of 365.256. If we compare this relationship to the ‘idealised’ relationship we get the following.

If we are to analyse the relationship in terms of the orbit of Venus we find:

365.256/13 x 8 = 224.7729231

(Ideal value – Actual Value)/Actual Value x 100

(224.7729231- 224.701)/224.701 x 100 = 0.03200835777

This gives a result within 0.032% of the ideal value.


And conversely compared to Earth’s Orbit:

224.701/8 x 13 = 365.139125


(Actual Value – Ideal value)/Actual Value x 100

(365.256 – 365.139125)/ 365.256 x 100 = 0.03199810544

Again, unsurprisingly, also within 0.032% of the ideal value.



It should also be noted that 8 and 13 are sequential Fibonacci numbers. This means their ratio is an approximation of Φ (Phi), the golden ratio. This is also why the five petaled ‘rose’ appears from their combined movement. We will be talking about Φ and its relationship with five in later articles. 


365.256/224.701 = 1.625520136

The value of Φ is 1.618033988…

The difference between these values is 0.007486148.

 Within 0.46% of the actual value of Φ.




The underlying physical reason this happens is because within gravitational systems one finds ‘Orbital Resonance’, the astral bodies seem to ‘sing’ together. It is also known as, ‘the music of the spheres’. We will talk about this in much greater detail in later articles.




This symbol, in various veiled forms, has been used to represent that which must remain hidden, that which must remain secret. This has passed down to us in the term ‘sub rosa’, referring to that which is ‘under the rose’. This term is used today in similarly veiled fashion under what is now known as the ‘Chatham House Rules’. It is commonly used in politics, especially in meetings between world leaders as well as within the intelligence community more generally. 

The earliest recorded myth we have of this goes back to Ancient Greece and tells of Harpocrates, the Greek God of silence, catching Aphrodite in the embrace of a young man. Fearing he would tell others, Aphrodite forged the first rose in heaven and gave it to her son, Eros, who in turn gave it to Harpocrates to ensure his continued silence. 



Photo by Patrick Clenet

Interestingly, the greek notion of Harpocrates seems himself to have arisen from a misunderstanding. The ancient greeks had seen a statue of the Horus represented as a child, with his finger to his lips, to the greek mind representing silence. Horus, in this aspect, represented the morning Sun, having just overcome the darkness (Set). 

Whilst we have no record of what the Egyptians believed regarding this myth, it would appear that the Egyptian version might have been Isis forged the first rose in heaven, the rose from which all others are derived, for her newborn son. To celebrate his victorious return to the world after overcoming darkness. 

This is a far more fitting story to my mind and is how I like to interpret it. 

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